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Derby County Ladies Academy places offered

Derby County Ladies are pleased to announce that they have offered 134 places on the club’s Academy across seven age groups with multiple teams at certain ages.

The club sent out letters to all that attended trials to inform them if they had been successful or not after a week of trials, held at Derby College in Morley, where Academy Director Dave Cholerton was overwhelmed by the standard shown by players.

Cholerton said “Whilst this week has given me immense pride at how far the Academy has come, it is also tinged with sadness that we simply cannot ensure that all players that came to trials, were assigned to a team.

“The standard on show was better than anything we’ve seen before and its improving year on year. It’s been incredibly tough to make those decisions and both the coaches and I, spent a few hours putting together the squads, because it was so hard.”

In recent years the club had offered an Under 10’s team but it was not the aim to replicate that this year. However with the amount of 10/11-year olds that came to the trials, the Academy has managed to source extra coaches to ensure not only a Under 10’s team, but also two Under 11 teams.

“I think we were all a little shocked by how many 10 and 11 year olds turned up to trials and we felt that we had to try and see what we could do to add extra teams, which meant finding the coaching.” said Cholerton.

“Thankfully we’ve managed to do that and we didn’t want to have to turn down a large number of players at that age. However we want to ensure that those youngsters that weren’t successful are not abandoned and we have relationships with a number of clubs that are looking for players and we’d be happy to help them find a club.”

Chief Executive Duncan Gibb told DCLFC Media of his pride at the Academy and how its going from strength to strength “To take on 134 children on our Ladies Academy is unprecedented and shows that we as a club are moving forward and want to be as self-sufficient as possible in the future.

“That’s where we see the game going and we are so proud of what Dave and his team of coaches are doing with the Academy. As the main ladies club within the county, we want to continue to grow our product and this is just another step on the ladder to greater things at Derby County Ladies.”

For all players that were successful at the trials, please could you confirm your child’s place to Secretary Sheila Rollinson, as per the letter to – 

With the trials now over, the thoughts turn to pre-season training and player signing on night which will be held at Derby County’s Pride Park Stadium on Tuesday 11th July from 6:00pm-7:30pm. 

Training is held on a Monday and Tuesday evening at Lees Brook School and more information on when training starts will be announced at our signing on night.

Should you have any further questions regarding the Trials and the Academy, please contact the following email address –