Derby County Ladies Football Club

Academy Ready for New Season

Following a really exciting 2018/19 season for the Academy, Director Dave Cholerton is looking forward to what can be achieved for the 2019/20 season.

Once the season had ended with the annual Presentation Night, work to form the Academy structure for the 2019/20 season got underway and Cholerton says the growth of the game is offering more talent in the region.

Cholerton said “The Academy now has 11 teams from U9 up to the Community, our newly re-named open aged team. There was so much talent at the Development Days, we now have 160 players at the Academy, all ready to work hard and further develop their talent.

“Pre-season started in early August and despite the school holidays, attendance has been good and there is a real focus and commitment by players and coaches alike to prepare for the new season.

“We have developed a player pathway that can see players progress from our youngest team up to first team football. This is a massive challenge for players but we expect our players to have this goal.

“Two of our first-team squad have come through our ranks in Amy Sims and Kira Rai both developing from the Academy and have showed what can be achieved by working hard.

“The new player pathway includes our new team, the u18, which will hopefully bridge the gap between junior and senior football as well as our improved relationship with the Derby County Girls Regional Talent Centre.”

The new season for most of our Academy teams starts this weekend: 

Cholerton continued “All of our teams have worked hard over pre-season and are looking forward to the new season. Our teams have exciting seasons to look forward to as we aim to develop our players.

“The u9, u10, u11, u12 White Socks and u13 will be playing up a year in the Derbyshire League, the u12 Black Socks will be playing in the Derby Junior League, the u14-u18 will be playing in the Warwickshire League and the Community team will make their debut in the Regional League. 

“To further develop the one club philosophy, the junior teams (u9-u16) are aligned to first team ambassadors. They will show support to our teams which will go a long way to inspiring our young players to achieve their potential. 

“We are very fortunate to have supportive parents at the Academy and we have fulfilled the roles of Respect Ambassador, Media Representative and Social Representative for each team to support our dedicated coaches. 

“I would like to take this opportunity to wish every player the best of luck in their development this season and thank our coaches for their commitment and hard work in supporting our players.”