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Academy Report with Dave Cholerton

It’s been pleasing to see that the majority of games have been played since the Christmas period and though we may be in for a spot of frosty weather, the wet weather looks to have gone for the season.

Earlier this week we had another visit from two of our 1st team stars as Captain Hannah Ward and winger Kira Rai came down to see our players and join in with them.

As part of the operational board, we have made it a priority of ours to bring the club closer together throughout the club from our 1st team to our youngest age groups.

We want to create those lasting impressions that could inspire the next generation of footballers to come through and play for Derby County Ladies 1st Team and having both Hannah and Kira down, is an inspiration as both of them came through our Academy.

We want to make it a partnership throughout and make it #OneClub and and this is where I think we as an academy can improve from our end of the partnership.

We realise that a significant amount of time is already dedicated to everything Derby County Ladies but we feel that the more times our Academy players can watch the 1st team, the better for their development as players will be.

We want our Academy players to see how Hannah Ward captains the side, how Ellie Gilliatt puts the intensity into every last bit of preparation and how Hannah Keryakoplis gets the amount of goals that she does for the Ewe Rams.

This we hope will inspire our players and we have one Academy player who goes to every game, home and away and it’s very evident that her drive to succeed has increased so much since doing this, as well as her confidence.

As mentioned we know that a significant amount of time is already dedicated to the club each week but if we can look to get more of us down to our 1st team games, it will continue to help develop the players and inspire them.

We don’t expect them to be at all games but if we could look at coming down to 1-2 games a month, we feel this would be a huge benefit all round and create those role models and interaction within the club and bring our Academy players on so much more!

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