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Amazing Aimee Reaches Magical 100 goals

Derby County Ladies Under 12’s Captain Aimee Bluff achieved the magnificent milestone of scoring 100 goals for the club since joining the Academy in 2016 and has set her sights on one day playing for both Derby County Ladies 1st Team, as well as representing her country.

This season has seen the Under 12’s play in the highly competitive Central Warwickshire Girls League and the young midfielder has carried on her amazing ability to score goals at any age group and leads the way with 16 goals so far this term in the league. 

Reaching the magic figure of 100 goals in only 48 games for the Academy has left Aimee wanting more and she is quick to praise her teammates and her Coach, Hannah Freeman for her achievement.

Aimee said “It’s a combination of communication, teamwork and determination along with the great defending from the back, right down to the goal keeper and her clean sheets so far this season, without all of them, the 100 goals in 48 games wouldn’t have been possible.

“Hannah has been a real inspiration to me too, and it’s my first real contact with a female footballer and she is so supportive and has been there too and I’ve seen how much hard work she puts in to play for the Development Team.”

Getting started in the game is usually quite late for girls but Aimee bucked the trend according to her Mum, Selina who told DCLFC Media that she first had contact with a ball as a baby

Aimee had an ‘in the night garden’ football for her first ball.  She carried it around everywhere until she could walk and then started kicking it around once she began walking.  She slept with the ball for a good year and then every new ball went in her bed until she was about 9.

“Her first kit was her sisters hand me down England kit at about 18 months old.  The only way i could dress her for special occasions was to put her kit on underneath. It spiralled from there, you tubing skills and practising over and over again.”

It wasn’t always easy for Aimee to play the game however, and her shyness when joining her first team at Riverside FC in Long Eaton saw her stop playing with others but the help of her school saw her overcome her shyness as Selina explains.

“Aimee was four when she joined soccer tots. This was where she realised how well she could dribble a football.  She was able to pair up with me and loved every second. At 5 Aimee joined Riverside FC in Long Eaton but we realised very quickly that she was so shy she spent most of the time stood watching the others play and train.

“So we went back to playing at home and on the park and she continued to you tube new skills and tricks and practice but at 8 years old Aimee’s teacher picked up on her love of sport and by the end of the first term she was on every sports team.”

Having spent far too long out of the game and with no replies after requests to join various teams across the county, Aimee made her way to Long Eaton United, joining the boys Under 9 team before being invited to attend the Derby County Ladies trials in 2016, and not looking back since.

Aimee said “I’m proud of to have got to 100 goals. I know I can be tough on myself sometimes and want to put everything I can into the game in both training and playing. I try to set myself little targets all the time so was shocked when I found out that the 100 goals came in just 48 games.

“My idol is Christiano Ronaldo and he is so fast, extremely skilled and he’s the best player in the world, but if I can match his ability and speed one day then i’ll continue to improve. 

“After reaching 100 goals, I want to concentrate on improving my first time shooting, flexibility and fitness because this will make me a stronger footballer in her future.  Oh and to keep defeating every team DCLFC U12’s come up against would be a bonus.”

Mum Selina is proud of how far her daughter has come and acknowledges the confidence the game has brought to her “Football has given Aimee the confidence to fight for her dreams, the ability to stay focused, work hard and work within and lead a team. 

“She puts 110% into every second of not just her matches but her training to and the most amazing feeling in the world is having others recognise how amazing and talented your child is. I am so so proud of Aimee and she deserves every second of success in her life.”

Coach Hannah Freeman said “Aimee has made a massive achievement in such a short space of time, this is down to her always working hard and being very determined coupled with bags of natural talent.

She always plays with a smile on her face and brings lots of positive energy to the team. I’m confident that if she continues working hard she will definitely be one to watch for the future.”

You can catch Aimee and the Under 12’s in action this weekend at Alvaston Park against Kingshurst Sporting Club – Read the Under 12’s latest match report by clicking here!