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Ewe Rams Club Partner Helping to Tackle Homelessness

Homelessness continues to be a major problem across the UK but for Craig Pearson, Director at Your-IT Department, a club partner for the Ewe Rams, an opportunity to help tackle the issue will bring awareness to a societal problem that is a growing concern in 2019.

Craig will be joining a team of over 50 business leaders across Nottinghamshire tonight (Thursday 10th October) in the #CEOSleepOut, raising money to help tackle the issue by giving up his bed for the night at Notts County’s Meadow Lane Stadium and he is of the firm belief that the growing problem needs to be tackled urgently.

Craig said “The issue of homelessness continues to be a problem in modern society and for the second year running, I am joining the CEO Sleepout to help raise awareness of the problem and ensure much needed funds can filter through to the many important projects that look to tackle this issue, working with people who have fallen on hard times and are in need of a helping hand.

“Last year I managed to raise over £1k towards the target and I’m hoping we can look to match that figure and even beat it this year as these funds can make the difference to not just a handful of people but thousands across the UK.

“There are over 50 other business leaders across the East Midlands who have teamed up to tale part in the fundraising attempt and we will once again experience for just one night, what for many is a daily issue and if we can make a slight difference via these amazing projects that help to tackle these problems, then we will do whatever it takes to bring that awareness to a wider audience.”

Helping to raise awareness of the issue, the Ewe Rams will be holding a collection at our upcoming game against Sunderland Ladies on the 27th October on behalf of Craig at Your IT and he believes the personal challenge will once again be the toughest aspect on the night.

“Last year was a bit of the unknown and so I went in with it with confidence that I’d be ok and able to deal with it but the team challenge you to go and do a days work afterwards without going to sleep and that was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.

“You can try and get to sleep but the cold hits you and it’s tough to get through that and I just couldn’t get to sleep. Trying to do a full days work afterwards was near impossible, tackling the tiredness and it messes with your head. These people are going through this every night and I have so much admiration for the many I have met that are doing all they can to get out of their situation.

“It’s fantastic to see that Derby County Ladies are supporting myself on the issue and if we can raise some money along the way, it’s an added bonus. I think we can all appreciate how tough it is for not just homeless people but for many families these days and the last thing we want to do is cause any issues, but if any spare change can be found, it will go a long way to helping get people back on their feet.”

Join us on Sunday 27th October at Mickleover Sports as we take on Sunderland Ladies in the FAWNL. We’ll be running collection buckets on the day with all the money going to the many projects that are helping to tackle these issues. To find out more about these projects, head to this website –

To help Craig on his way to his target of £1K head to his Just Giving page here –