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Ewe Rams to Launch Education Partnership with World Renowned Leading Sports College

Derby County Ladies have taken the next step in their quest to become an elite club in the Women’s game with an exciting new Education Partnership with Loughborough Academy of Sport and Loughborough College.

The partnership will see the Ewe Rams help to launch a 2-year Education Programme for 16-19 year old girls based at the Loughborough Academy of Sport campus on Loughborough College grounds and offering a full pathway into the game.

The partnership will see a new side formed that will sit alongside our Development ethos with players having the opportunity to earn a place in the senior sides at the Ewe Rams, as well as receiving an outstanding education and the best football facilities and services in the local area.

Loughborough Academy of Sport Head Football Coach Jay Groocock spoke to DCLFC Media about the launch of the Education Partnership and how it came about.

Groocock said “The Loughborough Academy of Sport has run a very successful men’s programme for a number of years and we felt that with the growth of the women’s game, their was a unique opportunity to create a women’s programme too, that was partnered with a successful club such as Derby.

“We wanted to have a partnership with a vibrant up and coming club and when we spoke to Derby County Ladies, their vision and ambition for the programme matched ours and it was really a case then of getting everything in place and we are now ready to launch the initiative.

“The partnership will enable the Academy and the club to work together to create opportunities in football and give 16-19 year old girls an outstanding education whether it is through A-Levels or Extended B-Tec Diplomas.

“At Loughborough College, we are proud to be able to offer first class sporting facilities and we have a rich history of educating professional men and women football players that have gone on to have very successful careers in the game.

“Hopefully our new partnership with Derby County Ladies will lay the path for more future professionals in the women’s game.”

Derby County Ladies Chief Executive Duncan Gibb told DCLFC Media that the partnership with Loughborough Academy of Sport signalled the intentions of the Ewe Rams to become an elite club in the women’s game and represented a fantastic opportunity for players futures.

Gibb said “Without doubt, this has to be one of the most important partnerships that we have ever done and to sign an Educational Partnership with Loughborough College, the leading sports college in the country shows exactly what we are wanting to achieve here at Derby County Ladies.

“This will give an initial 2-year pathway to the women’s game but has the potential to be so much more and link to a 5-year pathway with Loughborough University. The game is getting bigger by the day and we want players to choose Derby County Ladies because we give a viable option for a duel career.

“We will be able to offer opportunities to players coming through the ranks and those looking to make the elite game, hopefully with us. The facilites on offer are second to none and the added extras that will come with this programme are what will set it apart from others.

“We’ve been working on this project for the best part of 7 months and were hugely impressed with Jay Groocock and the team at Loughborough.  As a club we have a proven track record in making informed decisions in relation to potential partnerships and projects and how these align to our medium and long term objectives.

“Whilst both parties fully explored the project before committing to it, it felt right literally from the outset. As a club we have aspirations to operate at the very elite end of the game and having a formal partnership link to the college arm of the UK’s leading sports educational provider aligns with that.

“This will give our youngsters coming up through our Academy an exciting option to continue their development beyond the Academy and it will also help the programme attract the best players from all around the country, it is a truly exciting time.”

More information on the 16-19 Educational Partnership can be found by visiting the Loughborough Academy of Sport Website. There are 100’s of different courses on offer for prospective students looking to find the best Football Education Programme in the UK.

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