Derby County Ladies Football Club

Ewe Rams to Offer Free Junior Season Tickets

Derby County Ladies are investing for the future of the Women’s game with the club providing over 5,000 Free Junior Season Tickets for local clubs and schools for the upcoming 2019/20 FA National League Northern Division season.

With attendances for women’s football on the increase, the Ewe Rams saw a 318% increase in attendance during the 2018/19 season from the previous year and with the high profile FIFA Women’s World Cup and a strong showing from the Lionesses, the Ewe Rams are looking to ensure a bright future for the game.

Ewe Rams Media Director Andy Moore believes the growing popularity of the Women’s game is key to building attendances and that sustainability is important in growing a fanbase and achieving the goals that the club has set out over the next five years.

Moore said “The future of the the Women’s game is exciting and the growth in the public’s consciousness is where we need to take advantage and ensure that both youngsters and football fans in general take to the game and ensure an even brighter future.

“We’ve seen through a number of schemes how the profile of the game is growing and we want to capture that and engage with our fans and make them want to come back again and again. Creating role models is an important step and we have seen our Ewe Rams players become very popular already.

“Increasing the club’s attendances is the next logical step and both our players and Manager regularly comment about the boost they get from the support we receive, particularly from the youngsters who take part in our schemes.

“We want to grow that and so we are giving as many local clubs and schools as possible, free season tickets that will hopefully get them to our games. We’ve invested in the squad this season and on the back of our highest ever finish last year, we have high hopes to take that next step.”

As well as the free season tickets for youngsters this season, the club has created an incentive scheme that will see new young Ewe Rams followers able to earn free gifts such as signed photos, bobble hats and a Derby County Ladies mug and footballs.

Moore explained “We want the experience of coming to watch the Ewe Rams to be a positive one and who doesn’t like free gifts? By bringing a sustainable crowd into the game, we are giving something back and saying thank you for your support, here’s a small gift.

“You can earn these gifts by attending as little as three of our home games this season. (Excluding Nottingham Forest at Pride Park) So we’re hoping to see some new fans alongside our regular fans and to help grow the game.

“Many of those that come to our games get hooked quickly and in particular the young fans love the atmosphere. We’re looking forward to an exciting season and hope as many of you as possible can join us!”

If you would like your local club or school to receive free season tickets for Derby County Ladies games this season, please drop us an email on