Derby County Ladies Football Club

Patience, Understanding and Delivery were Key to Landmark Announcement

Last week, Derby County Football Club announced that the implementation of a newly created Governance Board would formalise the link with Derby County Ladies FC.

News of this landmark day in the proud 29 year history of the Ewe Rams, has been understandably greeted positively by the clubs supporters, players and coaching staff. According to the clubs CEO, Duncan Gibb, it represents a culmination of patience, understanding and a number of years of delivering nationally acclaimed outcomes.

“When I came into the club just over six years ago, it’s pretty fair to say that there were a number of bridges that needed building with the main club. In hindsight, being a complete newcomer to both Derby County Ladies FC and the situation that existed was hugely useful, as it allowed me to identify what the issues were without apportioning any blame, and to arrive at a strategy aimed at improving things to the point where the two parties in effect became one.”

“To be honest it wasn’t rocket science, and for myself and the Operational Board that we formed in that first year, it was all about building positive relationships, developing things at a comfortable and timely pace, having an understanding and empathy as to what was and wasn’t possible and most important of all, delivering stand out outcomes that reflected positively on the Derby County brand.”

“In the period since then, we’ve done exactly that and enjoy excellent relationships across the board; whether that be the owner, senior management, stadium security, media and marketing, merchandising, supporter liaison or the club photographer. On the back of those relationships have come a whole host of positive developments in terms of joined up working and synergy, which include training at the clubs main training facility, being part of the clubs end of season awards, launching kits and having a presence in the club shop, financial support, support and guidance from a broad spectrum of the clubs various departments, and providing mutual support to each clubs sponsors and partners.”

“In tandem with that, the tireless work of our Operational Board, players and coaches has resulted in Derby County Ladies winning a whole host of local, regional and national awards. When these are announced the badge that pops up on the screen is that of Derby County and the event compere or announcer more often than not states the winner to be ‘Derby County’ as opposed to Derby County Ladies.”

“Being the first female club in history to be named ‘Club of the Year’ twice at the annual FA Awards, reflects well on the overall Derby County brand and is very much in keeping with the how both the main club and the Community Trust are viewed within the game. Every one that you speak to within the walls and perimeters of either the stadium or training ground, recognise that the female arm of the club add hugely positive value to the overall club brand”

“To be formally aligned to the main club through the Governance Board, with key personnel from the main club sitting on it to support us in our journey, kind of feels like the end of a journey in itself and we look forward with genuine excitement to the next chapter of our story.”