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Under 9’s

Under 9's Match Report

Under 9’s Match Report- 12th October.

Megan, Jasmine, Niamh, Tallulah, Keira, Chloe, Maia, Daisy, Wiktoria, Alaina.

This week we played Chellaston. The score line did not reflect the quality of play from Derby and the girls were unlucky at times. Derby had 90% of the play and had some lovely moments showing off how well they have come together as a team.

Alaina and Daisy had a good run up the pitch, with some great passing between them but some solid defending by Chellaston stopped the ball from hitting the back of the net.

Wiktoria had a few attempts at goal supported by Daisy, who had run forward from defence to assist the front three.

Chellaston scored the first goal and then another.

Keira, Tallulah and Niamh all had multiple shots on goal in the first half but were prevented from scoring by some super saves from the Chellaston goalie!

Derby had some great play and Keira buried the ball in the back of the net.

Maia and Chloe took turns in goal this week, both pulling off some good saves with Chloe running out from goal to clear the ball!

The second half showed much of the same, Derby dominated the play, with Tallulah taking several great corners but once again the Chellaston defence got the better of the girls, clearing it quickly.

Niamh had a cracking shot on goal but yet again, the Goalie pulled off a great save.  Keira hit the post and this about summed the game up by this point!

Megan and Jasmine both had some good play, with some lovely defending to prevent Chellaston scoring in the second half.

Some more great teamwork set it up for Niamh to score another goal!

Derby had more shots on goal, they were very unlucky not to score but kept their heads held high, remembering their training, and carried on trying hard.

Alaina scored another goal to help Derby on their way.

All the girls played well, they are growing as a team and definitely fought hard for it this week.